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Affiliate Disclaimer

Drones Place affiliation

Yes, Drones Place has affiliate relationships with few companies. The manufacturers and their products are carefully investigated before listed on the website. One of them is DJI, the leader in the drones market.

The ideal is to help the readers enjoy the best shopping experience.

Here, at Drones Place, we are humans and we want to care about the user’s satisfaction, that’s why if there’s a mistake somewhere, we will take all the measures to correct it in the shortest time.

Help the community

We encourage you to share your experience about a product you have tested and found it on our website. There’s a “Leave a review” section on the products pages. This way you help others, easing their process of search.

If, by any chance you are not on the same side with something we wrote about any of the product, or you disagree with any of our ideas regarding any product or product review, please let us know.