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CrystalSky (5.5″ High Brightness)


CrystalSky (5.5″ High Brightness)


A maximum 2000 cd/m² of brightness means the CrystalSky monitor is more than four times as bright as typical mobile devices. On-screen details are clear and sharp, and colors are vibrant, giving the quality needed to fine tune image composition.

A dedicated Sunlight Readability Enhancement mode is especially designed for processing the image in real-time to ensure more comfortable viewing under bright light.

* 5.5”/7.85” 1000 cd/m²; 7.85” Ultra Bright 2000 cd/m²

Resolution: 2048×1536 (7.85”) / 1920×1080 (5.5”)

CrystalSky does not support 1080p video transmission.

More details, on the official page.


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