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DJI R Extended Grip Tripod (Metal)


DJI R Extended Grip Tripod (Metal)


The DJI R Extended Grip Tripod connects to the battery grip of Ronin series single-handed gimbals so that it is comfortable to hold, and unfolds to stand the gimbal upright on a flat surface.

Compatible with DJI Ronin-S, DJI Ronin-SC, DJI RSC 2, and DJI RS 2.

In The Box
  • Ronin Extended Grip/Tripod (Metal) × 1
  • Weight: 228 g
  • Dimensions (Folded): 161×35×35 mm
  • Ronin-S
  • Ronin-SC
  • DJI RS 2
  • DJI RSC 2


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