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Gamevice Controller for 10.5″ iPad Pro


Gamevice Controller for 10.5″ iPad Pro

  • The Gamevice is a Lightning-connected, form-fitting game controller for the iPad/ iPhone, compatible with over 1000 app-based games.
  • Compatible with Spark and Tello
  • Dual analog joysticks
  • Full gaming controller with A/B/X/Y/Menu buttons, L1/R1 bumpers, L2/R2 triggers, D-pad, and left/right thumbsticksl
  • Lightning connector for latency-free controll
  • Lightning port for phone & device charging during gameplay
In The Box
  • Gamevice Controller ×1

Gamevice Controller Specs

for iPhone
Package size: 280×47×110 mm
Weight: 430 g

for iPad Mini
Package size: 330×65×165 mm
Weight: 910 g

for iPad
Package size: 368×65×165 mm
Weight: 1090 g

for 12.9″ iPad Pro
Package size: 434×65×165 mm
Weight: 1210 g

for 10.5″ iPad Pro
Package size: 378×65×165 mm
Weight: 1110 g

  • Spark
  • Tello


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