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DJI Mavic Mini


DJI Mavic Mini

The box contains the following items:

ItemMavic MiniMavic Mini Fly More Combo
Mavic Mini×1×1
Remote Controller×1×1
Intelligent Flight Battery×1×3
Pair of spare propellers×1×3
Micro USB cable×1×2
Gimbal protector×1×1
RC cable (Micro-USB connector)×1×1
RC cable (USB-C connector)×1×1
RC cable (lightning connector)×1×1
Pair of spare control sticks×1×1
Spare screws×6×18
360° Propeller Guard/×1
Two-Way Charging Hub/×1
DJI 18W USB charger/×1
Carrying Bag/×1



  • 249g weight
  • 30m flight time
  • edit and share
  • stabilized gimbal camera



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