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DJI Mavic Pro Review

About DJI Mavic Pro

Released in September 2016, Mavic Pro is a foldable drone, small and easy to carry it in your backpack. It’s an affordable drone for beginners which satisfies a very large group of users.

Other drones which hit the market, described as the smallest drones or best foldable drones, have proven to be not so performant, bad image quality or short battery life.

What’s incredible about Mavic Pro, is that the drone came with excellent user experience and great performance.

Very easy to fly

The Mavic Pro has different sensors equipped on the chassis, that offer stability during the flight. Even at the maximum speed, the drone stays stable, creating a 3D map of the environment, thanks to the GPS and Glonass technologies.

The DJI manufacturer has been in the branch for several years now and the products benefit of the latest technologies, for an amazing user satisfaction, so fear of crashing is no longer a problem.

Taking into account the size, weight and technologies of Mavic Pro, the ease of handling and the low noise generated can be noticed in the first minutes of flying.

Fying a Mavic Pro is even more easier than with other drones. However, it’s recommended to watch some tutorials and read the user’s manual before anything. There are many tips someone who has tested the drone before can tell you.

There’s no more headache, thanks to the assisted take-off and landing option which Mavic Pro has. After taking off, the sensors will assist your device to stay stable while flying.

How do you control a Mavic Pro?

You have two options when it comes to pilot your drone. Either using the DJI Go app for iOS or Android, or with the remote controller.

When using the app, change the connection mode of the drone to Wi-Fi. Check the switch located under a tab on one of the sides of the aircraft. To have more precision and get into the drone’s action completely, it’s recommended to use both, the controller together with your smartphone.

Mavic Pro is a suitable drone for videograpers and photographers in capturing great content with precision. By default, it limits the speed to avoid accidents, but however, if you’re an expert in flying drones and there are no more fears, you can turn the drone to “sport mode”, so that you can fly your Mavic Pro at a maximum speed, nearly 65km/h.

Thanks to the lower power of the rotors and the lower weight of the aircraft, Mavic Pro produces less noise than other previous products from DJI.

However, although you have to practice a bit to get used to the device, 10-15 minutes will be enough for you to be able to have full control of the drone.

Not only a foldable drone

The technology helped the drones to be much easier to use, and in the case of Mavic Pro, the sensors make it a much safer drone.

Detection of places where flying is prohibited

Mavic Pro is connected to a database and with the help of the GPS and the Glonass system, it can tell weather or not is legal to fly a drone in that place.

Assisted take-off and landing

Nothing more easier than simply sliding or pressing a button on your controller tells Mavic Pro to take-off or land.

Grabbing the take-off point with the lower cameras, Mavic Pro can return by itself in the same point using a video analysis with GPS coordinates, offering a safe flight with no accidents.

Obstacle detection

Based on the sensors and cameras, Mavic Pro can push alerts in the case of a frontal obstacle.

If an element is detected in close proximity, the drone will stop automatically. Simultaneously, the controller emits progressive alert sounds as it approaches different obstacles. The distance to the nearest obstacle is also shown on the controller display so you will be able to make a route change in time.

Panic button

This is a great option in the case the user loses the control of the drone. Pressing the panic button will stop the drone making it fly in a single stable point, for you to be able to regain control or land the drone.

Gesture control and people detection system

Now, you can create great videos during different activities, such as practicing sports or when throwing outdoor birthdays. Tell Mavic Pro to follow you or anyone else, thanks to the people detection option.

This option can be customized so that a distance can be set, different gestures, or even orbit around your subject.

Mavic Pro Camera Specs

The camera has been redesigned and it’s now more compact. It has a 1 / 2.3 ”CMOS with 12 megapixels sensor, which allows this drone to grab video in 4K at 30 FPS.

The lenses: f / 22, 28mm and a range of vision of 78.8 degrees.

To control the camera, you have two sliders on the remote controller. One of them allows to regulate the exposure and the other controls the rotation of the camera.

In both cases, the response is perfect, allowing you to shoot panoramas and benefit from the quality of the video.

The image is sent in real time to the controller in a radius of 7km. To do this, DJI incorporated a series of data transmission systems that allow video transfer in 1080p. This technology allows the experience with DJI Goggles.

DJI Goggles, fly without leaving the ground

If just flying the drone is not enough for you, that’s no issue. Using the DJI Goggles you can now see every little thing that the drone is grabbing. The difference between normal controller fly ad the flight using the DJI Goggles is made by the quality of the whole everything and the sensation it offers.

The Goggles are equipped with two OLED screens providing 1080p resolution offering direct transmission of video from the drone to your eyes. Using the glasses, you can now race better with your friends or benefit better from the beautiful places.

Mavic Pro flight autonomy

Using the it in optimal conditions, Mavic Pro reaches up to 27 minutes flight time. This is an estimation. The flight time depends on the complexity of the environment, the speeds you reach, or the flight modes used. For a longer experience, it’s a wise decision to have a second or third battery for your Mavic Pro.


Mavic Pro is not the perfect drone, but it’s definitely a good drone to start with for everyone. It can become addictive, making you to want fly it over and over again.

There are several other alternatives matching the Mavic Pro in image quality or technical specifications, but none manages to reach the level that DJI has achieved with the software .

The only issue remains the local law each country has regarding flying drones on the specific territory.

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