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Ryze Tello Review – An Adorable Mini Drone

We are speaking again about the giant of the drones market, the DJI team, which released the Ryze Tello, a mini drone for those who are just stepping into the world of drones. This is not a surprise, as we are already used with the large variety of drones for all audiences produced by this manufacturer.

About Tello

Using the flight system from DJI, equipped with an Intel 14-core Movidius processor and produced by Shenzhen RYZE Tech Co. Ltd., Tello is a mini drone for beginners, made for entertainment.

Being very small, Tello is extremely easy to transport and of course the small dimensions makes it easy to handle by kids. Only 9.2cm long and 4.5cm height, this mini drone only weights 80 grams. Basically nothing, if we speak about an aircraft.

In optimal flying and weather conditions, Ryze Tello can reach 28km/h maximum speed. Its 5MP camera is able to record videos in 720p/30fps, it’s electronically stabilized, having a f/2.2 focal length.

With no delay, as you press the shutter button, you have the picture ready to edit or share. The connection is made trough Wi-Fi in the moment when the drone is turned on.

Ryze Tello handling

After connecting the mobile device, one more step is to start the application and you’re in. You can configure your aircraft and then fly without any special skills. The application is Android and iOS compatible and has a fantastic user friendly menu.

Basically, we speak about a toy which can fly only 100 meters distance with an autonomy of 13 minutes. That’s why, when you fly Tello, avoid areas which can create radio interference and disturb you connection, either if Tello is very stable in the air.

The stability is achieved without the need of a GPS, by some cameras pointed to the ground, handling the positioning of the aircraft.

For those which are already used with a controller to fly a drone, Gamesir has designed one, especially for this drone model. You need to have a better flight control when using the controller instead of the mobile phone because it has different joysticks, offering a better handling.

Landing is made easy, only by pressing the landing button. The drone will land slowly, descending vertically until it gently lands.

Ryze Tello can also be used with the VR glasses – DJI Goggles – transforming the fly into a real sensation, as being inside of the drone when piloting.

Different flight modes

The useful part of the application is that it offers instructions on how to achieve best flying skills. You just need patience and exercise.

Here’s what you can experience changing the flight modes:

  • 360-degree video provided by the Circle flying mode
  • set on Away, the drone will grab while moving away from you
  • Launch the flight allows you to take off from your palm
  • in the 360 degrees mode, the drone will make full 360 turns
  • 8D cartwheels mode will set the drone to do 8 cartwheels
  • Tello flies automatically between 0.5 and 1.2 meters altitude (bouncing) when set in Bounce mode

Perfect drone for selfies

Either being a low priced drone, with Tello, you can take amazing selfies without any knowledge. The application has the “EZ Shots” and “quick videos” functionalities, so you only have to chose one of them and let the aircraft do the rest.

When taking selfies be sure you use the Tello with the propeller protectors installed.

Tello’s camera quality

When we think about a DJI drone, we imagine extreme camera quality, but this is not the case of Tello. It’s not a professional drone, but its camera has enough power to grab 1280×720 at 30 frames per second videos and shoot 5MP photos.

With a pretty nice angle of view of 82 degrees, this camera serves perfectly for recreational activities, it has enough power to save aerial footage. For clear shots, chose sunny days with no wind, since in the world of photography, everything is a matter of light.

Ryze Tello battery

Tello comes with a Lithium rechargeable battery weighting only 26 grams. As the flying range is not that big, the battery allows enough time to grab all your surroundings. A good option is to purchase the Tello Boost Combo pack which includes 3 batteries with a sequential charger.

What’s so special in the processor?

Today, the technology allows non-tech users to work with powerful processors, with the use of free software. Speaking of that, the high availability of this Movidius processor to be used in projects, allows simple users to use it for development.

In our case, the Movidus processor is handles and interprets the video information collected by the pair of cameras pointed to the ground. As we said earlier, those cameras are responsible with the aircraft’s positioning and stability.

This processor is not new, it’s being used in enterprise drones as well, to ensure the accuracy of the positioning, in the specific industry they are used. Moreover, the Movidus Myriad vision processor, allows a drone to map the area and recognize and follow moving elements.

DJI together with Movidius ensure they provide maximum performance in the autonomy of flight, and because the processor is so small, it does not affect the weight or performance of the aircraft. Moreover, this processor makes Tello a programmable mini drone.

Ryze Tello pros and cons

As a videographer, you will not chose Tello, for sure. But kids will love it, as well as those ones who are passionate about machine programming.


  • low price, perfect for beginners
  • extremely easy to handle
  • FPV piloting
  • very light and foldable
  • perfect for drone selfies


  • short control range
  • only one battery in the box
  • low quality video
  • lack of micro SD for storage
  • no return-to-base feature


There’s always a great thing to discover yourself a new hobby and Ryze Tello is a very advanced toy to start with. From taking off from your palm and take perfect selfies, to the advanced technical possibilities and programmable capabilities, this drone is very desired in the consumer market, also taking into account it’s price of $99.

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